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Before you talk to ICBC about a bicycle accident injury claim, talk to an experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyer. We can help you get fair compensation for your cycling accident injuries

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vancouver bicycle accident lawyers bungay law officeFor over 11 years, we have been helping Vancouver cyclists with ICBC bicycle accident claims. Usually, these cycling accidents are entirely the fault of a vehicle that failed to obey the rules of the road. As your bicycle accident lawyers, it is our job to make sure the driver who injured you is held at fault. It is also our job to make sure you get fair compensation for your cycling accident injuries. Consultations are free, and there are no fees until you get paid. 

Large personal injury law firms often have dozens of lawyers on staff. With a large law firm, your bicycle accident claim may not receive the individual and specialized attention that it needs. As a small boutique law firm, Bungay Law Office is able to provide one-on-one personalized service. You’ll work with one experienced bicycle accident injury lawyer from beginning to end. We find this individual attention to be beneficial, and our clients find their bicycle accident injury claims are handled much more effectively this way.

Our Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers will make sure ICBC knows the truth about your cycling accident

Our experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers will ensure ICBC knows the truth about how your bicycle accident happened. The other driver may try to protect themselves by giving ICBC a false version of events. We protect you from these types of falsehoods.bicycle accident lawyers vancouver icbc claims law

Our bicycle accident lawyers act quickly to get all relevant evidence in support of your claim. The facts of how your bicycle accident occurred, and who witnessed it, can be important factors in determining your level of compensation. We visit the scene of your cycling accident, and go through the facts with you. When necessary, we hire professional investigators to photograph the area and interview all witnesses. Using the legal system, we also obtain copies of all police documents and records about your bicycle accident. 

Vancouver Bicycle Accident Lawyers (ICBC injury claims lawyers)
Call us today for a free consultation, 24 hours – 7 days a week 604-684-4300

There should be no delay in making sure a legal professional properly investigates your cycling accident claim. The longer you wait to gather evidence, the more everyone forgets how the accident occurred. Your story deserves to be told correctly. If there is confusion regarding how your bicycle accident happened, this can greatly lower the amount of compensation you might otherwise receive. 

I was hit by a passing motorist, how can a bicycle accident lawyer help?

One of the most common forms of bicycle accidents happen when a bicycle is hit by a vehicle trying to pass them. The BC Motor Vehicle Act protects cyclists from these types of collisions. According to this law, vehicles must move to the left of the bicycle at a safe distance before attempting to pass. Unfortunately, this law is often broken, resulting in many cyclist injuries.  

If a motor vehicle broke the law and caused you injuries, we make great efforts to ensure that driver is held accountable. The driver of the vehicle may attempt to distort the events surrounding the accident. He or she may argue that you were not sufficiently to the right in the lane. As bicycle accident lawyers, it is our job to investigate your claim and ensure that justice prevails. We take care to ensure the other driver is held 100% responsible, and to make sure that you get 100% compensated for your losses.

I have to pay for medical treatment, what can a bicycle accident lawyer do for me?

The injuries that happen when a bicycle and vehicle collide can be very serious. This is because the vehicle can often be travelling at a higher rate of speed than the cyclist. Also, the cyclist is almost always thrown in air/onto the ground from the impact.  

We want you to heal and get back on your bicycle as soon as possible. Early treatment is an important step in making sure that you recover quickly. Our bicycle accident lawyers are committed to making sure you get proper funding for any treatment you need due to your injuries. 

Treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy cost money. ICBC may only cover a portion of the cost of these treatments. In some cases, ICBC may refuse to pay any of these costs. As a victim of bicycle accident, you are legally entitled to have your rehabilitation costs paid for by the other driver, and in most cases, by ICBC. Experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers know how to use the legal process to ensure ICBC adjusters are following the law when paying your treatment, and to pressure the responsible driver to pay any of your treatment costs. Why should you be out of pocket when you did nothing wrong? 

My bike was damaged in the collision, what can a bicycle accident lawyer do for me?

When cycling accidents happen, there is usually damage to the bicycle. This may require significant repairs. In a worst case scenario, the bicycle may be destroyed. The costs of a good bicycle are significant. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer makes sure ICBC pays the full costs for any repairs you may need. If your bicycle is destroyed in the accident, we make sure ICBC pays the full replacement cost.

Bicycles riding on crosswalks; is the cyclist at fault?

If you are hit while riding your bike in a crosswalk, you may be held partially at fault. The BC Motor Vehicle Act prohibits cyclists from riding on crosswalks in most circumstances. When this happens, ICBC may try to blame the accident on the cyclist. 

Vancouver Bicycle Accident Lawyers (ICBC injury claims lawyers)
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If this happens to you, please remember that you can still get compensation, even if you are partially at fault. How much you are entitled to will depend upon what percentage of liability you have for the collision. Making this determination is a complex legal problem. You should not try to fight an insurance company about this without assistance from an experienced Vancouver cycling accident lawyer.

We have over 10 years of bicycle accident law experience (in Vancouver, and throughout BC), and we know how to guide cyclists through problems such as this. We know the law that applies to crosswalk accidents. Our experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers will be invaluable in determining what percentage you are at fault, if any. Having a good bicycle accident lawyer ensures that ICBC will not make an unfair decision about liability, and ensures that you will get a fair share of any compensation owing from the accident.

Bicycles riding on sidewalks; is the cyclist at fault?

The law prohibits cyclists from riding on sidewalks in most circumstances. If the bicycle accident happened while you were riding on a sidewalk, ICBC may use that fact to try and deny you any compensation. However, the fact that you were on a sidewalk does not mean the accident was your fault. The location of your bicycle at the time of the crash is just one of many factors the law considers when determining who is at fault for an accident. For example, even if you were on a sidewalk, the driver who hit you had a legal obligation to drive with reasonable caution. If the driver should have seen you, and was not paying attention, you may not be responsible, even if you were on the sidewalk. Alternatively, you may only be responsible to a small degree, meaning you can still get very good compensation for your injuries.

If you are unsure of your rights after being hit on a sidewalk, it is a good idea to get advice from one of our experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers. We can meet with you free of charge and review all of the facts of your cycling accident case. At that point, we can advise you of your rights, and assist you in any way possible to ensure you get fairly paid for your bicycle accident injuries.

It’s never easy being involved an accident, and because this is such a high-stress time for everyone involved, it’s very important to follow all of the proper procedures directly after your bicycle accident, so that you’ll be that much closer to successfully resolving your claim later on. The professional law team at Bungay Law Office can assist you with all of the heavy lifting, allowing you to get on with your life.

We know life can be unpredictable, and getting into a bicycle accident is the last thing one wants to happen, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Regardless of who is at fault, it’s important to know that you have legal rights, and these rights need to be protected. Let the experienced legal team at Bungay Law Office provide you not only with the legal knowledge surrounding your case, but also with the peace of mind knowing that if your bicycle injury accident claim can’t be settled fairly, you’ll have a dedicated and experienced bicycle accident injury lawyer with a successful trial record, willing to fight for your rights in court.

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Vancouver Bicycle Accident Lawyers 

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